Remote QTH of Jukka OH2BUA

Iitti in Southern Finland, grid square KP30BX.

Antenna directionVinski the dogMaidenhead grid system

Tromso K-index is 2. Kyoto DST-index is 7. SFI is 67. A-index is 8.
Hamshack temperature: . RSPduo ext: . RasPi int: 49.9°C 121.8°F.
OH2BUA ranking in is: 

Rigs: Icom IC-746PRO transceiver, SDRplay RSP1A, RSPduo, Airspy HF+, Spyverter R2.

Antennas: New Carolina Windom 6-160m, Traveling-wave 40m delta loop, Double-KAZ (MW, 325 degrees), 5-el BC-FM-Yagi, 6m loop, misc wires.

Other gear: Intel Core i7 NUC, Raspberry Pi 3, FTDI and Radioarena digital interfaces, Diamond GSV-3000 non-switching power supply, NETIO4 4-channel remote power controller, Huawei B593s LTE router.

And not less than a kilogram (2lbs) of Fair-Rite ferrite toroids.

All remote operable.